Joe Prichett Post 207

P.O Box 524

Tucker, GA 30084

We're on a mission to save American Legion post, and our fellow veterans.


RESCUE: "Never leave a man behind"Seek out and help veterans by addressing the suicide crisis (22 suicides a Day)

RESTORE: Promote Good Health (exercise and proper nutrition) and Good Skills (Job training and mentorship)

REPAY: Pay back with Community Support (Food drives, Get out the VOTE, Maintain playgrounds) and Community Fun (BBQs, Bingo, Outdoor Race)

Join the Rebuilding Efforts of an American Legion Hall and Unlock a Wealth of Benefits as a Proud Member or Supporter!

Invest in Your Community

Our contributions help to fund the reconstruction of the American Legion hall, creating a safer and more welcoming space for veterans and their families.

Make a Difference

Every donation, no matter the size, helps to show your support and gratitude for the sacrifices made by our brave service members.

Impact on a Global Scale

By supporting the American Legion, you join a network of individuals dedicated to improving the lives of veterans around the world.

Recognize Your Generosity

As a token of our appreciation, all donors will receive a certificate of recognition for their contribution to the American Legion hall reconstruction project.

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Memorial Day BBQ

May 07, 20241 min read

“Feed 'em and they will come.” - Scott Brady

We're having our 2nd Annual Memorial Day BBQ at Post 207.

Last year we had a celebration and we learned some hard lessons:

Lesson 1: Sell What you Got to Feed 'em Fast

Lesson 2: Hire a Marine as the cook

With those two lessons in mind, we're excited to have you join us on Saturday May 25th of this Memorial Day Weekend.

We will have two Plates available for Pre-Order for $15

  • Half Chicken

  • Pulled Pork

Each plate comes with 2 Sides: Take your pick:

  1. Mac&Cheese

  2. Baked Beans

  3. Cole Slaw

Additional Sides available for $5 each.

AL BBQ 2024

If you can't join us for the BBQ, Click here to join our mailing list to stay informed on the progress of the rebuilding of the post.

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